Services and skills


Services and skills

Data Ingestion

We have significant experience with many m2m and control-level protocols like CAN, KNX, HDLC, Modbus, MQTT, Obix, OPC, ZigBee, Wireless-HART, Wireless-MBUS and we can help our customers to integrate these technologies in their solutions. We also deal with custom and proprietary protocols integration and we can help migrating existing applications from legacy technologies to newer and more data-oriented transports.

FlairBit can help designing data ingestion at scale, addressing security and high availability requirements. We always design the architecture to evolve both in terms of data transports and encoding formats.

Data Distribution

FlairBit provides consulting services to design your data distribution infrastructure at scale. We work with powerful technologies like Apache Spark, AMQP, DDS, JMS, Apache Kafka, MQTT. The pub/sub infrastructure is the central element of your IoT stack and we work to make it reliable, responsive and elastic depending on your needs in terms of throughput and traffic shape.

FlairBit is able to seamlessly integrate your real-time data streams with the Big-Data infrastructure and to optimize data access turning data into an actionable asset.

Data Analytics

BigData is by now a consolidated set of technologies and FlairBit helps you bringing operational data streams up to your data-lake: we can combine technologies like Apache Spark and Impala with your data-layer to secure your operational data inside Hadoop. We also provide our help leveraging other no-sql technologies and to embed them in your technological stack.

FlairBit has experience with real-time analytics infrastructures based on Apache Spark and DDS. Leveraging these technologies we can enable your business intelligence experts to work on real-time data to continuously monitor your processes and your operational efficiency.


FlairBit team is well versed in modern data visualization and web development and we leverage javascript frameworks like AngularJS, Sencha, D3 and the node.js ecosystem to develop astounding web applications and dashboards. FlairBit can provide application development services to build your native mobile app for both Apple IOS and Android systems.


FlairBit does not see quality as an abstract concept, it is just engineering: we can help defining practices and adopting tools to just implement it. All development and delivery processes in FlairBit are test-driven and integrated with CI based on Travis. We adopt modern container-based delivery process to reduce the gap between development, test and production and we constantly fight against manual processes. FlairBit faith is DevOps.